The group ALIMAX GROUP is the international truck transport with the wide services portfolio.

We provide the marine containers transport, where we maintain the leading position in the market, standard also low deck canvas transport, express transport and air transport in the regime door to door.

We work on the market already since 1991.

  • All our tracks are equipped with satellites for the on-line monitoring of yours deliveries.
  • We manage the reserve towing vehicles and two service vehicles for the immediate departure in the event of breakdown.
  • 90% of our rolling stock form the MERCEDES-BENZ ACTROS top towing vehicles, which fulfil all important requirements for the undisturbed traffic circulation and for our reliability. The emission standards EURO 5 and EURO 6 are self-evident.
  • Our drivers are regularly educated and they are so equipped that they can manage the concrete transports the best way how is possible and every time.
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