Our know how

Fast service, tire service, hand car wash and all assistance services – they are the main reasons, which enabled to as - together with the partner for the authorized car service Audi, Seat, Škoda and Volkswagen - step by step to build the specialization for the complex services providing – so-called „full service“.

We place emphasis on the individual access to each of our customers.

We offer

  • Regular check and care of your motor vehicle - oil change, car technical control, common operating service (we keep so-called „card of the car“)
  • Movement and car state check possibility by means of GSM net – system montage assuring
  • Car pick-up and addition before and after service actionsCar to 3,5 t guarantee service assuring
  • All cars after service assuring
  • All cars glass service
  • Complete tire service incl. of tires storage (also for cars above 3,5 t)
  • Exterior and interior car hand wash
  • Technical check and emissions testing assuring
  • Car registration in operation fulfilment
  • Insurance event complete fulfilment incl. of the legal cooperation
  • Manager education of your employees assuring
  • Personal driver possibility for your car for any opportunity (firm actions, social gatherings, transport from/to the airport etc.)
  • Goods transport on the cars to 3,5 and also above 3,5 t

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